Penalty Abatement

In many tax debt cases the Penalty and Interest portion of the tax debt is quite significant. If you are facing penalties for not filing or paying your taxes on time, you may be able to get those penalties removed (or even get past penalties and interest refunded) through penalty abatement. If there is a ‘reasonable cause’ for abatement, the IRS may be willing to review the penalties which created a tax liability. If there were circumstances beyond your control that prevented you from paying your tax debt and led to delinquency, we are able to challenge the penalties and interest that have built up. Relief from penalties falls into four separate categories: Reasonable Cause, Statutory Exceptions, Administrative Waivers, and Correction in Service Error. Penalty Abatement can be one of the best solutions in resolving IRS Tax Debt, and we can help you determine if this may an option for you.